Flower Power,  Bergdorf Goodman “To New York, with Love, BG”, Holiday 2017

A Botanist’s library under the influence… of super saturated color and a delirious amount of talent employed per square inch. When commissioned to produce this collection of unique fiber pieces celebrating the extraordinary collection at the New York Botanic Garden we called up our favorite artisans and got to work.  Numerous techniques can be seen here including hand and machine embroidery, needle-felting, quilting, free-form needle point and bargello.



Sr. Director Visual Presentation, Bergdorf Goodman – David Hoey

Photography – Ricky Zehavi

Studio Photography – Jonathan Cospito

Graphics – Jesse Alexander

Artisans – Samantha J. Smith, Fabio Toblini, Mia Radysh, Brett Day Windham, Tate Obayashi,  Meryl Bennett, Heidi Hilker, Marla Wonboy, David Hoey